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A couple of weeks ago, we had a look at raw food diets with BOLD Raw.  This week, we wanted to focus on Petcurean, the manufacturer of the top-quality, Canadian brands Now Fresh and Go!. Michelle Dixon, Petcurean’s on-staff Nutritionist, took some time out of her busy day to sit down and answer a few questions about the one of the pet food industry’s top quality companies.

1.  How did Petcurean get it’s start?

Petcurean is an independent, Canadian-owned family business that’s been around since 1999. Since we began, our single focus has been to provide dog and cat owners with premium-quality pet foods, and nothing more. So naturally, we’ve become specialists in creating premium-quality foods for dogs and cats with the same love and care that we put into preparing dinner for our own families. Our recipes are nutritionally-balanced and unique, made with only the finest quality ingredients and under strict quality supervision. At Petcurean, every decision is made with the best interest of pets in mind.

2.  Why is it important for Petcurean to use regionally sourced foods for their recipes?

The majority of our ingredients come from Canada – which boasts some of the safest farming practices in the world. That’s why we source the highest quality, healthiest, least processed, and most flavourful ingredients available, through our trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers, as close to the manufacturing facility as possible.

3.  Petcurean’s NOW FRESH line includes life stages for large breed dogs, as well as a small breed adult formula.  How do these blends differ from their standard line?

The NOW FRESH line-up has recipes tailored specifically to lifestage and breed size. The NOW FRESH Large Breed (Puppy, Adult, Senior) is a larger kibble containing targeted nutrition with controlled Calcium and Phosphorus levels, as well as joint support, and heart health support. The NOW FRESH Small Breed (Puppy, Adult, Senior) contains dental support, in a smaller shaped kibble designed for easier pick up and chewing by smaller jaws.

4.  NOW FRESH is a grain-free, turkey-salmon-duck based food.  What factors helped Petcurean to arrive at this final recipe?

Along with being a grain free and gluten free recipe, we wanted to include multiple protein sources that had limited exposure, making it a good option for many pets with specific food sensitivities. For customers looking for more meat protein variety in the NOW FRESH line, we have also created a new Red Meat recipe for dogs and a Fish recipe for cats and dogs.

5.  What sets NOW FRESH aside from other grain-free dry foods, such as lower cost brands you may find at the grocery store?

NOW FRESH is the only dry dog and cat food that is made with 100% market-fresh meat and fresh omega oils from coconuts and canola, with no rendered ingredients. All Petcurean recipes are manufactured at plants which are EU, FDA and CFIA certified, meaning they must meet a very high standard of sanitation, cleanliness and manufacturing practices.

6.  Petcurean’s GO! line includes life stages, foods that target common issues (such as digestive and skin sensitivities) and also an all-around, all life stages food.  Why did Petcurean decide to develop such a diverse line?

GO! was specifically designed as a solution-based family of recipes for dogs and cats with specific dietary needs. We know that the majority of customers shopping in pet specialty are looking for a recipe that meets their pets specific dietary needs & we want to be able to help them. GO! offers highly palatable recipes that perform, resulting in healthier pets with less stool volume and shinier coats.

7.  GO! FIT + FREE life stages blends are all grain free- why does Petcurean feel that grain free is the way to go for developing and ageing dogs?

Grains can be a quick and excellent source of energy for their pets and work well in many instances. However, we know that there is a growing number of dogs with pet food ingredient allergies. These allergies are often the result of exposure to proteins and/or to carbohydrates, which have been used extensively in pet food. In an effort to provide solutions for all pets, we created our FIT + FREE recipes for pets with grain allergies. These recipes are grain free and gluten free, providing a great option for pets with grain sensitivities and also allowing us to provide different levels of specific nutrients using other carbohydrate sources.

8.  GO! also includes a diverse line of canned food.  Is it better to add canned food, or is it okay to stick with dry kibble?

Canned food is particularly important for cats, as they are slow to initiate drinking, and often don’t drink enough at the water bowl. Regularly feeding canned food supports the prevention of FLUTD [Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease].

9.  Petcurean markets themselves as a real whole food nutrition-based diet.  Does the company have nutritional consultants on staff?

Petcurean recipes are developed by a team of qualified and passionate nutritionists. Our Senior Nutritionist has a PhD in companion animal nutrition from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, a Master of Science degree in nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan, a Bachelor of Human Ecology degree in nutrition from the University of Manitoba, and is a registered dietitian with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia. Also on the nutrition team is a nutritionist with a Master of Science degree in animal nutrition and a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science and biology, both from the University of Guelph.

10.  What kind of pet would do best on Petcurean’s food?  Is there really a blend to suit every cat or dog?

We offer a range of recipes to meet the nutritional needs of most cats and dogs. We promise our customers that we’ll help them find the food that’s right for their dog or cat, even if it isn’t our own.


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