Established in 2007, SPAW Boutique is the passion and inspiration of Toronto’s leading dog daycare and grooming expert, Eve MacArthur. After taking a course in grooming, Eve instantly knew that grooming and opening her own business one day was her calling. She’s always had a connection with animals and spent half her life in art school, so this was just a new medium for her to be creative and express herself. A local resident of the King West Village, Eve has watched the neighborhood grow and evolve for over 16 years. Having seen Stanley Park go from just baseball games to now being inhabited by plenty of canine friends, including her French Bulldog Kashie.

In 2005, Eve began her grooming career at an east-end veterinary clinic, building their grooming department from top to bottom while searching for the perfect location in the King West Village to open SPAW Boutique. One year later, in the Fall of 2006, she had found it! Located in a beautiful townhouse, 852 King Street West proved to be the perfect location to support a professional and stylish grooming salon, while maintaining a safe, secure and comfortable environment for dogs.

Following 6 months of renovations, SPAW Boutique was open for business in the Spring of 2006. Shortly after opening, Eve was joined by her grooming teacher and mentor, Amber Malek. Primarily through word of mouth and the support of the local dog owners’ community, SPAW Boutique grew from a staff of two into a full-service grooming salon and daycare with a total staff of fifteen.

The main thing that sets Eve apart from everyone else is her artistic ability, which is apparent on the show dogs she works on. With her constant continued education, Eve has mastered hand scissoring and is able to work on sub-breed standards. With her dedication and patience, she has also proven to be very good at rehabilitating dogs that have had difficult experiences with grooming. With 8 years of refining her craft, she is outstanding with challenging dogs and rescues as well. Comfort is Eve’s number one priority for all of her canine clients, handling them in a proper way to gain the trust and respect of the dog. Eve’s grooming expertise has extended to her team. Her groomers are skilled at the most technical grooming requirements for breeds such as Poodles, Schnauzers, and Wheatons, as well as drop coats such as Yorkies and Shih Tzus.

In November 2013, Eve became a Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG). This achievement has opened opportunities for her team and has now made SPAW a go-to for feline grooming. They are also certifiers for the National Cat Groomers Association, giving them the ability to certify future CFMGs and teach a cat grooming curriculum, setting them apart from regular CFMGs. In addition, Spaw will be opening an exclusive cat grooming salon in 2016.

Passionate and true to her word, Eve has shown that grooming is what she was made to do. She can’t imagine herself doing anything else. If she won 20 million dollars tomorrow she would still come to work. Not only does she get to work with animals and be creative, but she gets to create opportunities for other people to do the same, which is really important for her.

In addition to running SPAW Boutique, Eve MacArthur has become the go-to dog grooming expert for the media and public appearances. With numerous appearances on national television shows and expert interviews, Eve has been able to share her grooming expertise, entrepreneurism and passion for dogs with thousands of viewers.

When Eve is not grooming, you won’t find her Netflix and chilling. More than anything, she has a passion for triathlons, having competed in many Ironmans, Eve plans on doing more throughout the coming years as her kids get older. The outdoors is where she belongs. Rain or shine, running is therapeutic, but only second to her number one stress reliever, grooming. Eve’s dedication and courage fully embraces the Ironman Mantra that “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE®”. In her own positive words, “Everything is figure-outable.”