After reading “What Color is Your Parachute?,” Amber discovered two things about her career path. She was either going to be an EMT or have a career working with animals. She quickly realized loud sirens and driving an ambulance wasn’t her calling or cute enough for her.

Amber has been a groomer for 20 years. Prior to working at Spaw she has owned a number of grooming businesses including a dog grooming school in Yorkville. In fact, she was Eve’s grooming teacher! When she left her business she came to work at Spaw and has been here since 2007.

We feel extremely lucky to have someone with Amber’s experience on staff. She is always willing to share her knowledge. If you ask her to draw a picture of a dog, you’ll be hard-pressed to know whether it’s a dog or a cactus, but her artistic talents translate into some of the most beautiful poodle haircuts we’ve ever seen. Amber has also been known to obsess over her work so the results are always perfect.

She has two perfect toy poodles, Eddie the leader and Wookie the follower.